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You want what's best for your child, and so when you look for a tutoring program, of course you also want the very best. At Monarch, we believe education is the most important investment a parent can make, so you can trust that you're making the right choice for your family.

Monarch Learning & Development Center

Monarch was established to support the learning and development process of each individual. We provide personalized learning services from as early as 5 years and for as long as you are willing and interested to learn, there will be no age limitations and boundaries. Our unique learning experience aims to discover our learner’s strengths, skills and talents and develop habits that will help them succeed and prepare them for life. We specializes on ‘One on One’ coaching and small group classes.

Our Goal

To establish a dynamic and productive learning experience that leads to successful growth and development of our learners; while providing knowledge, enriching potentials and sharpening skills


  • What value does Monarch attribute to the current training fields in Dubai?

    Dubai is a fast growing and multi-cultural business hub that over the years has attracted and is continually attracting millions of people from different parts of the world. The government & its officials have been supportive of any project that will improve the educational standards in the UAE. Today, the UAE offers different curriculums and a wide range of international accreditation within local and international schools and institutions.

    This unique situation opened an opportunity to challenge the demand for quality training and individual's development in this region & to improve the academic standard and linguistic abilities and communication skills of students. It is in light of this important social and professional demand that we have come up of the idea of opening a learning centre that will bring a new, practical, and tailor made learning experience to suit the need of different learners here in Dubai.

    The unique approach that we are offering is effective for the students learning and development process. Our centre is passionate to encourage any individual and challenge their ability to learn without putting pressure and fear. Monarch offers a comprehensive support to education in the UAE.

  • Why should we choose Monarch?

    Because we care enough to bring out the best in you. Monarch aims to motivate, encourage and build lasting confidence that will enable students to perform at their best and reveal their great potential.

    Because Learning is presented in multiple and effective ways. At Monarch, we explore different ways to help our students to learn and stay motivated. Each and every individual's personal development matters to us. We encourage our students to consistently perform at their best and achieve more and beyond, ensuring that they are in a comfortable level of understanding and confident upon completion of the session. Monarch has carefully studied the needs to support and achieve academic excellence at school, enriching your potential to achieve more and establish a lifetime of positive attitude towards learning.

  • What about programs and services?

    Monarch has the following programs and services: 1) After School Activity in the following subjects: English, Arabic, French, Mathematical Skills, Computer Literacy, Music, Arts and Crafts, Fitness through Dancing. 2) We are offering short term and weekend courses for children and adults on the following programs: - languages - English, Arabic, French - computer literacy - math - developing fluency in computation & problem solving - music - arts and crafts - drawing & sketching (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance) crafts-making: crochet and knitting - photography - Other courses which are to be announced on weekly basis. 3) Homework Reinforcement

  • How can we register with Monarch

    You may send your queries through:
    Call Us: 04 2565222
    Visit Us: Uptown Mirdif (next to Fitness First for ladies & men) (in front of Fitness First Ladies Gym)
    P.O. Box 44330, Dubai, UAE

  • What about fees and payments

    Our rates are reasonable and it varies on the number of sessions that the learner needs to achieve. Watch out for our regular promotions and offers. Payments are to be made on cash basis only.

  • Do you give discounts for siblings or those who enroll for more than 1 subject?

    Yes, kindly contact us to discuss and know what social package and privileges you can avail of at Monarch.

  • What age or level can I start with the course or attend the program?

    Normally from 5 years old and above. There will be an assessment conducted initially in order to assign the appropriate level for the learner, then recommendations will be provided immediately after. This process is to ensure that the program won't be overwhelming for the learner and would find it as an engaging and motivating learning experience.

  • What about accreditation and certification at the end of the program?

    Monarch is recognized by the Ministry of Education in UAE and we do issue certificate of completion/attendance upon successful completion of the course.

  • How effective are the methods of teaching in Monarch?

    Learning requires determination, hard work and consistency in achieving. Similarly, change doesn't happen overnight. Some learners can learn faster and there are also some who take a longer period of time to grasp certain concepts. At Monarch we don't just teach, we build the learner's confidence, encourage and motivate them. We recommend that learners must be enrolled for few months at least to be able to see the changes and improvement.

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